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Gallery of Our Work

Private residence constructed by JN Built in Medina, Minnesota

Each picture tells its own story of a successful project.  From fine mansions to picturesque lodges, from winter condos to home remodels, be assured that JN Built has experience constructing all variety of fine residential construction.  To each client, their JN Built project means something unique, special and different from the rest.  To JN Built, each project means another valued relationship.

Credits: The first album in our gallery (titled Private Residence | Medina, Minnesota) was photographed by Landmark Photography & Design, LLP). 


Private Residence | Medina, MN

Private Residence | Wayzata, Minnesota

Private Residence | Orono, Minnesota

Private Residence 2 | Wayzata, Minnesota

Millwork Installations

Private Residence | Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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