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Private residence constructed by JN Built in Medina, Minnesota

To us, your building project is different from the rest. We want to answer questions you have about the building process. If you need specific information please contact us. Otherwise, see our compilation of frequently asked questions.

What does JN Built Do? How does JN Built Work? Why Choose JN Built Where does JN Built Provide Services?
What does JN Built Do?

How we work explains the depth of JN Built's service offering to clients.  What we do explains our process, which is designed to produce the highest level of professional construction standards, within the JN Built service offering. It starts with a conversation where we seek to understand the unique client goals. Typically, the client desires a fixed price; however, in cases where flexibility during the construction phase is important we recommend a "cost plus" contract in which the price to the client is the sum of the construction cost plus the contractor fee (a percentage of the construction cost). Once we document the construction contract, building specs and architectural elements, JN Built addresses all pre-construction issues to set the client's mind at ease. Proper planning is the foundation for safe, successful and timely completion of the construction phase. Throughout the project, we will request authorization from you to draw payments according to a pre-determined schedule. 

How does JN Built Work?

It depends on you. Certain project aspects can be modified as you wish, to meet your goals, such as time to completion or flexibility to change the project specifications during the construction phase. You can be assured that if it's important to you, we will propose options to meet your request. 

Why Choose JN Built

By now, you probably know that relationships are particularly important to JN Built. And the client relationship above all. But beyond the client, there are a number of important project collaborators who contribute to the project success: architects, designers, sub-contractors, inspectors and municipal authorities. Our proven business philosophy is that maintaining a good working relationship with each project collaborator ultimately produces a better home-building experience for the client.     

Where does JN Built Provide Services?

JN Built primarily operates in the home-building markets of Minnesota. However, we provide services in all markets where we can deploy our construction resources to effectively serve the client's needs.  Please contact us to learn if we can serve your area! 

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